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For any performance at the theatre we are happy to organise your tickets for you to collect from the box office on the night. The tariff for a theatre package is simply the bed & breakfast rate + theatre tickets

If you prefer to stay with us on a B & B basis and get your own tickets then either phone the box office (01723) 370541 or book on-line at the SJT website

About the Stephen Joseph Theatre

SJT Round

The Stephen Joseph Theatre is actually two theatres - The Round (above, 404 seats completely surrounding a central stage) and The McCarthy (below, 165 seats in a steep bank facing an end stage). There is also a restaurant, a bar, meeting rooms, 'out-reach' rooms, a shop and local tourist information leaflets - all within the complex which was converted from an art deco cinema in 1996.

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Sir Alan Ayckbourn was the artistic director for many years and his own plays are still premiered here. Standards are high and a wide range of productions is available - musicals, comedies, thrillers, tragedies, lunchtimes, matinees, evenings, late night - all feature at some time of the year!

The Stephen Joseph Theatre - the small town theatre with a national reputation!

Scarborough's Stephen Joseph Theatre is one of the leading regional theatres in the country. In recent years plays first seen at Scarborough have achieved :-

West End runs of :-

* Things We Do For Love (Geilgud & Duchess Theatres)
* Time of My Life (Vaudeville Theatre)
* By Jeeves! (Duke of York's & Lyric Theatres)
* Neville's Island (Lyric Theatre)
* Two Weeks With the Queen (National Theatre)
* Communicating Doors (Geilgud & Savoy Theatres)
* Conversations With My Father (Old Vic Theatre)
* Comic Potential (Lyric Theatre)
* House and Garden (National Theatre)
* Damsels in Distress trilogy (GamePlan, RolePlay, FlatSpin) (Duchess Theatre) - with original Scarborough cast
* Absurd Person Singular (Garrick Theatre)
* The Norman Conquests trilogy (Old Vic)
* Woman in Mind (Vaudeville Theatre) - with Scarborough cast
* Bedroom Farce (Duke of York's Theatre)
* Season's Greetings (National Theatre)
* Absent Friends (Harold Pinter Theatre)
* A Chorus Of Disapproval (Harold Pinter Theatre)
* Relatively Speaking (Wyndham's)
* How the Other Half Loves (Haymarket / Duke of York's Theatres)

Still running :-

* Woman in Black (Strand and Fortune Theatres) - running since June 1989 !

Also :-

* All Things Considered by Ben Brown which transferred to the Hampstead Theatre. * Safari Party by Tim Firth directed by Alan Ayckbourn (Hampstead Theatre) with original Scarborough cast
National tours in the last fifteen years of plays premiered at the Stephen Joseph Theatre include:-
* The Farmers Bride
* Things We Do For Love
* Haunting Julia
* Things We Do For Love
* Love Me Slender
* Things We Do For Love
* Perfect Pitch
* Baby on Board
* Woman In Black
* Virtual Reality
* Damsels In Distress Trilogy
* Snake In The Grass
* The Boy Who Fell Into A Book and, innumerable tours of Ayckbourn plays.!
World or British Premieres since 1997 (excluding one act plays) at the Stephen Joseph Theatre include :-
* The Farmers Bride
* Things We Do For Love
* Fool To Yourself
* Honk
* Baby On Board
* Comic Potential
* Perfect Pitch
* Love Songs For Shopkeepers
* The Boy Who Fell Into a Book
* Cheap and Cheerful
* House and Garden
* Knights in Plastic Armour
* A Listening Heaven
* Body Language (mark II)
* Larkin With Women
* Virtual Reality
* Whenever
* Damsels In Distress Trilogy
* The Star Throwers
* Something Blue
* Man For Hire
* Snake In The Grass
* Beautiful People
* The Jollies
* Parting Shots
* How To Tell The Truth
* Making Waves
* Bedtime Stories
* Sugar Daddies
* My Sister Sadie
* Fly Me To The Moon
* Drowning on Dry Land
* Private Fears in Public Places
* Soap
* Fields of Gold
* Miss Yesterday
* Spittin' Distance
* The Jonah Boy
* Cybershopping
* Unless
* Improbable Fiction
* Playing God
* Villette
* Inglorious Technicolour
* If I Were You
* Touch Wood
* The Swing of Things
* Life and Beth
* Awaking Beauty
* My Wonderful Day
* Life of Riley
* Neighbourhood Watch
* Surprises
* Arrivals and Departures
* Farcicals
* Laughton
* Roundelay
* Slipping
* Hero's Welcome


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